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Is Facebook Losing its Core Objective to Advertising!

Despite an initial rock solid public offering, the web giant Facebook is showing greater inclination towards ads generation and profit building, thus exposing itself to such new yet grave challenges a[...]

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Trends in Content Development for Businesses

If you’re not producing original, high quality content for your business, then you are losing out on a lot of customers right now. All serious businesses recognize the importance of content developm[...]

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Skills Needed for Content Development

Any fledgling business today needs a virtual presence – a website which provides their customers a chance to grasp what the whole brand is about. And that impression goes down to your content. Good [...]

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Choosin your social media option carefully.jpg

Choosing Your Social Media Option Carefully

While planning the social media campaign for your brand, one has to be highly judicious of the media platform they are going to choose. The most favored options are clearly Facebook, Twitter, Google+ [...]

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Content development- freelancing vs. professional companies.jpg

Content Development – Freelancing vs. Professional Companies

If you are an entrepreneur then you would want to create your brand presence online. However, in order to achieve this you will need a strong social media content that would eventually lead to generat[...]

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Content Development and Social Media

As you can clearly see that content development and social media are very distinct terms but social media is nothing without content development. Using quality content on social media to attract web t[...]

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Social Media Campaigning vs Search Engine Campaigns

Online advertising is crucial for every business that wants to last. Campaigning through social media like Facebook and utilizing the power of SEO (search engine optimization) are two of the most prev[...]

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Why choose BTS for Content Development

In today’s marketing scenario, with just every industry or individual going online, quality content is one of the most essential tools for your business. We at Better Thinking Solutions (BTS) believ[...]

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Is Content Development Over Hyped

If you’re not using content to enhance capabilities of your business by generating leads and directing traffic to your website/page, then you’re losing out on a bigger market than you realize. T[...]

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Variations in Content Writing

In recent times content writing has emerged as an industry as more people realized the power of authentic and fresh content on the internet that eventually led to boost in sales of products/services. [...]

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How Good Content Helps Business

As the marketing world is constantly evolving alongside fast-paced technological realm, both small and large scale businesses are making their presence felt on the online marketplace. But the question[...]

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Content Writing for E commerce Websites

Compromising on the quality content and providing your customers with half baked information about your product is similar to taking chances on the sales of your product. It is imperative to provide c[...]

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Professional Blogging vs. Hobby

With millions and millions of blogs being produced online, blogging is not just a sheer hobby but is a huge business these days. Many people who initially started as a hobby blogger have now chosen bl[...]

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What is more reliable! Travel Articles or Travel Blogs.

Even though there is no stark difference between the two – the popular world of travel writing and the growing world of travel blogging; however the biggest difference between them other than source[...]

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Here' What Every Online Business Must Know About Google' AMP project

The web is about to change, again. Search engine and web giant Google has come up with a next-generation search engine optimization project known as AMP i.e. Accelerated Mobile Pages. Sounds Rig[...]

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There's Nothing Fake about this News by Facebook!

After widespread criticism citing their direct (or indirect) influence on the 2016 US presidential elections, Facebook has attempted to identify websites and sources to tackle viral hoaxes and informa[...]

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The Price of Professionalism: Go Free or Go Pro!

Disclaimer – The sole purpose of publishing this blog is to highlight the stark contrast between the work ethics, styles and antics of a professional agency and a freelancer. By no means this blog i[...]

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5 Gmail Tips to Improve your Email Game

If you are reading this, you have a Gmail account. Chances are, almost everybody on the internet uses Googles's beloved email account for personal or professional pursuits on a daily basis. While we[...]

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Top 10 Indian Startups to watch in 2017

Fintech, AI and IoT were all the rage in 2016. While VCs took a pause from the money-shovelling show of 2015, many Indian startups fumbled to hold ground in the wake of drying funds and resources. Owi[...]

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The Price of Professionalism : The Cat is Out of the Bag

Unsuccessful people make decisions based on their current situations, Successful people make decisions on where they want to be An analogy as true and relevant to your personal pursuits as it is to yo[...]

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5 Essential Extensions for Chrome to Boost your Productivity

Google Chrome brought in tons of innovation and features along with an always expanding suite of extensions and resources to further accentuate your browsing experience, personal or professional. Whet[...]

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5 Simple Ways to Master SEO(And Increase Your Website Ranking)

“How to improve your search rankings?” “How to increase the rank of your website on search engines?” So, you have created your website, have a business plan ready and can[...]

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5 Reasons Why You Need Video Marketing in 2017

If 2016 was the year video content was beginning to gain momentum, 2017 will be all about video marketing going in for the kill. So much so, that the biggest brands and social media giants are battlin[...]

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3 Ways Brands Can Achieve More Marketing with Less Money

More marketing channels, more money, more influencers…it’s the fundamental concept amongst brands, startups and companies – the higher your marketing budget, the better are your cha[...]

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The Future and Scope of Digital Marketing in India

“Marketing is no longer the stuff that you make, butthe stories that you tell” While conventional means of marketing rise, and fall with emerging trends, technologies and evolving consume[...]

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Own a Website Here is why you must go the HTTPs way

Some say security over the internet is a myth. True or not, there has to be absolutely no reason you would want your website or its user information to be a part of an online fishing, spamming or ste[...]

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How to Create a Marketing Plan in Five Steps

So, you are all set to market your startup and reach potential customers, right? Before you dive into the deep sea of marketing and promotions, it is important to learn the basic lessons of swimmin[...]

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Why choose WordPress for your website 5 Reasons

With so many options to choose from, choosing one as your website development platform can be a tough (or time taking) task. If you are wondering why to choose WordPress as a platform for developing [...]

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5 Essential Digital Marketing Tools You Will Need to Succeed

Digital Marketing is all about utilizing the various digital platforms and mediums to promote your professional startup, business or even personal profile. If you are a startup and want to make the mo[...]

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5 Must Use SEO Tools to Rank Higher

Want to market your business better? Wondering how to rank higher on search engines? If you are looking for the best SEO tools, this is where it’s at. We share the top 5 SEO tools for 2017 wh[...]

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