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For any company whether it’s a start-up or exists already, the decision to set its foot in a new market is the most difficult decision of all as it can make or break a company. This is where the role of Better Thinking Solutions comes in as the market entry research conducted by our expert team of analysts and researchers helps you in the decision making process so that your investment in a new business venture and the willingness to establish your presence in a unexplored territory is not spoiled.

Certainly, it’s an extremely challenging task given the changing policies of the government, including the ever growing cultural, economical and technological hurdles that one faces every day. However, if done in the right manner can yield rewarding results for the company. And our aim is precisely that to help our clients take the right decision, device and implement their market entry strategies to gain long-term benefits.

Below are a few questions from your bucket list that we can provide answer to:

What is the current size of the marketplace and whether or not it can provide a lucrative opportunity for my product to become a huge success?

How do I know the current marketplace recognizes my product offering?

Will I need to make the changes to make my product suitable for the current market need?

How pricing of my products and services is to be decided?

With what type of business I can reap the maximum benefit? Should it be a subsidiary or an independent company or a joint venture?


BTS is a team of professional, dedicated and passionate enthusiasts who strive to offer competitive, creative and class-leading business solutions and digital services through progressive thinking.

Be it brainstorming, strategizing, researching, creating or reviewing, we are driven by quality and consistency in our work across a diverse industry spectrum which includes - Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Business Consulting, Market Research and Software Development

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