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Why choose WordPress for your website 5 Reasons


Why choose WordPress for your website 5 Reasons

By Business Consulting

With so many options to choose from, choosing one as your website development platform can be a tough (or time taking) task.

If you are wondering why to choose WordPress as a platform for developing your new website, this article will provide five reasons to make your decision easy and quick.

In the world of software, there is no lack of technology to create your website. Whether you are a small business, a startup or an enterprise, your website is the face of what you do. So much so, a survey has revealed that nearly 50 percent of worldwide visitors have admitted to immediately form the perception of a company or business by the first impression of their website.

Thus, there is a lot of repute riding on the first impression of your website. 

An ideal website should be simple, intuitive, functional and robust. Can WordPress do this for you?

We have compiled a list of 5 reasons why WordPressmust be the choice of platform for your next website –

1. It Is Customizable

No matter what product you are selling or what information you are sharing on your website, the first thing that catches (and holds) the attention of a visitor is the visual appeal. Humans are fond of looking at neat, clutter-free and visually pleasant content and WordPress can be easily customized to suit your design requirements in alignment with your brand objectives and goals.

From free to premium themes, you can find thousands of pre-made layouts and themes that will go along with your website. Choose your WordPress theme and make an individual impression with a robust, usable and elegant website.

2. It Is Search Engine Friendly

Any beautiful and responsive website that is not ranking high in the search results is of practically no good. Thankfully, you can rely on easy SEO functionality and optimization with a WordPress website. It offers some amazing built-in features for optimization alt tags, on-page content and internal links, you can get maximum SEO value out of your website with WordPress development.

Choose a WordPress website and rank higher on search engines without any additional effort required to solve SEO issues.

3. It Is Mobile Friendly

More than 50 percent of Google searches are on mobile and it is no brainer that most of your audience or customers are also exploring the internet through their smartphones. Getting a mobile friendly and development ready website is a must and that is where WordPress development has already taken care of your needs.

Whether it is PC, Desktop, Tablets or Mobile – WordPress websites are fully compatible and optimized to work with modern mobile browsers and you don’t need any additional mobile website development. Choose a WordPress website and never worry about screen sizes playing havoc with your website’s visibility and appearance.

4. It Is Supported

It comes as no surprise that WordPress, as an open source website development platform, has found its way on top of the list for a growing community of web developers, designers and coders. If you want to build a website for your personal or professional purpose, it is always better to take advantage of the large online community for any support or technical assistance.

Save time and efforts by choosing a WordPress website and focus on your core competencies instead.  Plus, your website will be more secure too with many previous issues patched already.

5. It is Easy

Yes. WordPress development can be best described as ‘easy’ – for developers as well as owners alike. It is an easy to set-up and manage and that means you can get your website live and running in a short time period. Many website hosting companies offer ready to run, customizable WordPress hosting plans. From development to integration and beyond, experience the ease and simplicity of a WordPress website. Whether it is your first website or fifth, developing it on WordPress will always be a breeze.

What began as a simple blogging platform with its many advantages has now matured into one of the most functional, beautiful and scalable website development platform in the technology world. Simply put, if WordPress wasn’t this good, it wouldn’t have made it this far. So, go with WordPress and you will make the right choice for your website.

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