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Why Your Website is Not Ranking Properly?


Why Your Website is Not Ranking Properly?

Search Engine Strategy

If there is anything that seriously affects the success and survival of a business venture, then it is competition. Every serious entrepreneurial manager would want very good impressions of their content and website. Businesses survive on the attention of both their actual and potential customers. Now that the main marketing channel is the internet, the managers are focusing their strategy around it so as to optimize their opportunities. The concept of search engine optimization (SEO) is currently at the heart of the strategy to secure the attention of the customer.
Most of the customers use the Google platform to search for the information they need about a product of their interest.  Google has its own way of organizing and displaying the information uploaded in it. It is therefore crucial for managers to understand what Google considers while organizing the information that is in its disposal with a view to attaining priority position in Google ranks.
The following mistakes are the reasons why your business may not rank properly in the Google SERP.

1.    When you have duplicated content in your website

Any content that is foundin more than one location in the internet is duplicate content. This is one of the reasons why your SEO efforts are not bearing good fruit. While considering the content to rank on a page, Google gets confused when it encounters duplicate content. This makes it either rank all similar content poorly on its pages or it may pick the unintended content.
You can use “Duplicate content checker” to determine any duplicate content in the internet. If you find that it exists, then you can resort to the use of“rel=canonical tag” to identify the page that Google should rank.

2.    When you are not registered with Google My Business

Registering with Google My Business promotes the potential of ranking your content better on Google SERP.It makes it easier and faster for Google to find and deliver the right content results. It also indicates to Google that you take ranking seriously, that your website is updated, and that you comply with their systems. The registration therefore makes Google to favour you and that gives you priority during ranking.
You can register by going to the “Google My Business page” where you will click on the “Start Now” button. You will then enter the name of your business and click “Next”. The system will continue prompting you for the required information until the end where your account is active.Before you quit the system, remember to enter information that is more specific to your business. Such information as the business you do, the products you offer, your target market. This would make Google to competitively put your business in the right SERP.

3.    When you are not leveraging social signals

Your activity on social media also matter as far as your Google ranking is concerned. Google is known to use social signals to determine the websites that are active and the ones that are dormant. It would then be able to identify the ones to rank higher than the others. Being active on Facebook, Tweeter, and Instagram boosts your SEO efforts towards ranking higher.
For instance, when you publish something on your blog, you can share it on Facebook and give your readers a link to the blog post. In addition to helping your SEO, this would also direct more traffic to your website. So you “kill two birds with one stone”.

4.    When the content you create is not consistent

For you to improve your Google ranking, you need to publish content consistently. On and off publishing does not help your SEO performance. You need to work with a fixed content marketing schedule complete with due dates for your publishing. In addition to your regular publishing, you also need to watch the quality of your content. This is usually a challenge to many marketers, but it is no doubt necessary for better ranking. Other ways of improving activity of websites is by use of PPC advertisement and cookie sites.

5.    When your website is not mobile-friendly

Another possible reason why the ranking of your content is not satisfactory in Google SERP is because your website is not mobile-friendly. Nowadays, a large number of people browse the internet daily using a wide range of mobile devices. There is need to appeal to this very potential market. After all, Google itself puts a lot of emphasis on this aspect while ranking content. So you too need to care about it for the sake of your SEO.

6.    When your website has not been indexed by Google

Sometimes you do a keyword research in Google and you don’t see anything relating to your content. You may even go further to search using your business name, and still nothing shows up. The most likely reasonfor this failure is that Google has not indexed your page. Make sure you request for indexing. It is only then that your chances of ranking would improve.

7.    When your website is too slow

A website that takes too long to load can be quite frustrating. The browsing speed is another important factor that Google considers while ranking content and websites. Google prefers ranking sites that load faster over those that are slow. If you check and find that your browsing speed is low, then you need to find a way of improving it. For instance, you can compress the files of your imageor you can simplify your design. Faster loading leads to higher ranking.

Every ambitious manager looks forward to day their content or website would rank top on Google SERP. It takes a great deal of effort to get to that level of success. In addition to a vigorous marketing campaign, mistakes affecting SEO performance should be corrected every time they are noticed. Otherwise, there are millions of competitors striving to secure a good ranking position in the Google SERP.

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