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What is Remarketing? What is its importance?


What is Remarketing? What is its importance?

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Remarketing is generally a new concept that is unique to online marketing technology. Unlike traditional methods of advertising that were mainly offline, remarketing is intended for use within the internet. It is an intelligent way of reaching potential customers by strategically placing advertisements at every place they visit in the internet.

Meaning of remarketing

Remarketing is an online marketing strategy that is designed to deliver advertisements directly to your website visitors. Whether the visitors make a purchase or not, they will continue to see your advertisements everywhere they visit in the internet. The advertisements used in remarketing are similar to the traditional PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements. Potential customers on other websites may also receive them but nobody pays for the product or service until a click is made on an advert.

At the end of the day, remarketing enables you to link with both current and potential customers as they browse different sites in the internet. The logic behind this marketing strategy is to make customers who encounter your product to continue seeing it at relevant places and thus increase the chances of them coming back to your site to buy. It is therefore expected that remarketing will bear you good fruit in the long term rather than the short term period.

The way the remarketing strategy works

The concept behind remarketing is simple both in the way it works and in the manner it is set up on your website. It involves placing a remarketing tag on each page of your website with a focus on particular products or services. For instance, a remarketing tag can be placed on a web page that carries a product that many customers will not buy immediately they come across it. Such products include luxury items and some of the highly competitive products that customers would prefer to research before buying.

When customers visit the web page where the remarketing tag was placed, they will find a cookie on the browser. Then, all other relevant websites visited will have been converted into cookie sites.The way the advertisements are made to appear and the pages where the remarketing tags are placed can be customized. This provides the marketer with a greater control over the customers to target and the manner of targeting them.

Remarketing and Pay Per Click marketing strategies share the techniques of keywords research and audience segmentation. The techniques are used to make sure that the target audience gets to see the best possible messages.

If you want to take your marketing campaign further than the conventional remarketing, then you can resort to dynamic remarketing. In this case, the customers get to see only the advertisements that highlight the particular products or services they had seen on your website. This strategy is mainly effective in sites that have many products or numerous repeat customers.

Importance of remarketing

Remarketing is important to your business in several ways such as:

  • It creates an opportunity to convert potential casual website visitors to actual customers who pay for products and services
  • It is a reliable strategy for reaching your customers consistently until they make a purchase decision
  • It is a very cost effective strategy that even small businesses can afford to use with reasonable success
  • It is possible to achieve cheaper impressions since you will not be competing for Google ranking of keywords. Instead of Google ranks, you target specifically customers who have visited your website
  • The strategy enables specific targeting of advertisements. This enables you to easily reach a customer who had dropped their shopping intention and one who may be taking a lot of time on a specific page
  • Using this strategy enables you to access some hard data on the performance of each advertisement in the computers and mobile devices used. This is the information required to change and make your advertisements better

Remarketing has proved to be an effective strategy in enhancing your website traffic. It enables you to tailor your content marketing for SEO purposes and thus makes your products or services become very competitive. It is a strategy marketers cannot afford to ignore.

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