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What are the Tools to Monitor Online Reputation Management?


What are the Tools to Monitor Online Reputation Management?

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Earlier on, potential shoppers did their Company or product reviews manually. This needed much effort and time and yet the outcome was not effectively informative. At the moment, satisfying this need has been simplified by the internet technology. People now do it online, which is easier, faster, and very productive. With this awareness, those who prefer to use the online medium for trading their products and services need to worry about their online reputation. It becomes vital for them to consider the best tools available for online reputation management. The following is a sample of the tools for this purpose:

Google Alerts

Google alerts can be set-up easily and free of charge. The process simply involves entering the search terms and picking the frequency of receiving the alerts and when to have them delivered.


This reputation management tool is based on the social media. It enables Companies to maintain their social media networks in one place. It will not be necessary to log on and off different browsers, tabs, and channels just to answer all messages. Just send once and interact with followers. It provides the necessary convenience to stay in touch and monitor social media pages. The speed and detailed replies make Companies stay on top of social media pages. It will also help them maintain good traffic to the Company sites, all by the use of social media marketing.

If This Then That (ITTT)

This tool has been explained as: If this happens, then do that. IFTTT can be used to create a recipe in such a way that every time a brand is mentioned, an appropriate response is send. This is a high level of responsiveness that can make a whole difference with customers by improving their consumer interest and transaction.

Complaint Site Search

This is a unique tool that simplifies the way customers find out any cases of complaint or negative feedback leveled against a Company, site, brand or business. It facilitates a timely resolution of the problem and so the organization does not remain with a tainted image that can negatively affect its credibility and trustworthiness.

Hire Pros

Subscribing to online reputation management (ORM) services in India can solve most of the reputation problems. The subscription can be obtained with the assistance of an online reputation management company in India such as Techmagnate. The company is a leading agency that offers digital marketing services. Techmagnate has a well trained and experienced team of professionals that help customers to develop a strategy that enables a brand’s online reputation to improve. In order to monitor and get a company’s online reputation fixed quickly, it is advisable to hire a digital marketing agency.

In addition to the above ORM tools for reputation review, there are a few others such as Naymz, Yext, and Reputology. While these are considered the best tools for ORM, there are other simple ways of online reputation management such as associating a hashtag with your brand, and encouraging your customers and followers to use. The entire ORM framework should prove to be effective.

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