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Variations in Content Writing


Variations in Content Writing

Content Writing

In recent times content writing has emerged as an industry as more people realized the power of authentic and fresh content on the internet that eventually led to boost in sales of products/services. Though there are no stringent rules for content writing; however there are some standard variations involved. There are different genres of content writing for example, SEO writing, SEO copywriting, website writing, blogging, microblogging, sale documents, press-release writing, e-books, company profile, reviews, infographics and much more. Different tone is used for different genres and each genre targets different audience across the web.

The tone of the content written plays a pivotal role in attracting and retaining the readers. Blogs, for example have more of a conversational tone as compared to website content or articles. It is as warm and inviting as having a conversation with a friend. This gives the content in the blog a personal touch which eventually results in building a connection between the brand and its audience. In case you wish to showcase your knowledge and expertise that you possess in a respective field, then you may go for publishing articles online. E-books whereas have a tone that is more entertaining and engaging. SEO writing is about the appropriate usage of keywords in content in order to achieve higher ranks in search engine optimization result page.

Despite variations in content writing, there is only one major motive behind it and that is to drive more traffic by providing the readers with relevant and unique content.

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