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Trends in Content Development for Businesses


Trends in Content Development for Businesses

By Content Writing

If you’re not producing original, high quality content for your business, then you are losing out on a lot of customers right now. All serious businesses recognize the importance of content development as it generates leads, creates customer awareness, increases buyer interaction and keeps you alive on social media. Lately, market trends in content development have been more focused towards creating more personalized content for buyers, video content and mobile browsing.

1. Personalized content

Brands today are advised to research about their customers so that they can understand their habits, behavior and interests. This works as avery useful piece of information, as you can then produce content which has a higher appeal to your target audience instead of generic filler that goes unnoticed on the internet. Creation of content this way has a higher chance of starting customer interaction andeven debates on the digital platforms.

2. A mobile site for your business

How many times in a day do you browse the internet on your phone? The answer for this question strays between ‘often’ to ‘all day’ for the average consumer. It is simple, the average consumer is obsessed with their phone and you can’t compromise in the mobile space. Your website needs to be optimized for mobile if you want the traffic on your website to explore and stay longer. Also, you need a decent app, even more so if your rivals have a good one.

3. It is not just about text anymore

Content is not just about blogging, Facebook or Twitter updates anymore. Many brands have started using photos, memes and even videos to drive traffic to their website.

4. SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization is how search engines like Google rank websites, this affects the websites visibility when you search for a related term on Google. Recent updates to Google’s ranking algorithm has clamped down on many black hat tricks (Techniques not authorized in Google’s guidelines), due to which, the ranking system has got more complicated. This has compelled people to be lackluster in their approach to SEO. However, SEO lives and you need to understand the guidelines. Don’t miss out on proper SEO methods and pay close attention to guides, sooner or later, your website will be near the top.

5. Keep going back to old content

The content you published years ago is still alive and visible to millions who’ve been searching for it online. You need to revisit old content and check on it regularly – the advice that seemed perfectly obvious two years back may not make as much sense now.

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