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Social Media Campaigning vs Search Engine Campaigns


Social Media Campaigning vs Search Engine Campaigns

Social Media Strategy

Online advertising is crucial for every business that wants to last. Campaigning through social media like Facebook and utilizing the power of SEO (search engine optimization) are two of the most prevalent forms of digital campaigns companies run today.

So which one suits your business more?

Social Media campaigning enables you to create a personal bond with your target audience through the content your company creates. A brand can choose to be witty, serious, deadbeat, sarcastic or goofy online as long as it suits the brand’s personality.

Page updates, tweets and videos on your YouTube channel can quickly go viral if the content is appealing enough. The Like/share mechanism integrated into social networks is the enabler that tends to turn even the most generic of content viral sometimes. You never know when your tweet about a totally irrelevant news item might get you ten thousand retweets – such is the unpredictability of social media campaigning.

You can also choose to sponsor/ promote/feature your content on social media to your liking. Nearly all social networks provide special tools to customize your ad and reach your target audience. So choose the time, frequency and content of your ad wisely to create the biggest impression as people tend to overlook ads online.

Search Engine Marketing

SEO marketing is geared towards increasing the chances of your website being displayed on the first page of search engine results. For example, good SEO optimization of your website will enable your business to reach millions of customers as it’ll be on the first page of search engine results when people search for a term that corresponds to your target keywords.

One thing is very clear, when people need to look for services or are buying a new product, they turn to search engines to provide them quick information. They don’t go looking for information about the concerned product on Facebook.

Be aggressive with your target keywords so that you’re featured as high as you can be on Google. Just don’t be over-aggressive and give way to redundancy as it’ll turn off the customer when they visit your website.

If you can’t break the first page with your content, don’t worry because you can also pay Google to sponsor your ads on the top of the first page. With this method, one can focus on the message instead of the right title. Make that message appealing – tell the customers about discounts or the latest product that the company launched.

Both forms of campaigning have their own perks but it is Social media that provides one with a chance to interact and strike a chord with the customers. Social media also provides you an option of damage control if something goes wrong. You can go online and release a statement or even handle the disgruntled customer yourself. Search engine marketing is more business oriented with little space for interaction with the customers.

I think small businesses should try to create a presence online and then move onto search engine marketing as their client list grows. Social networks are also a better way of reaching local markets; when you’re a start-up, you have to capture local interest first before you can make it big.

A big business should be budget efficiently and try to do both as it is all about credibility when you make it big. Being featured on the front page of search results and receiving a high number of likes/shares enhances the credibility of a business considerably.

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