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SEO Trends to be followed in 2018


SEO Trends to be followed in 2018

Search Engine Optimization

The year 2017 is just coming to a close. The SEO community is already on the drawing board evaluating the way forward into 2018. The effectiveness of SEO plans and ideas as in whether they bore the expected fruits is at the centre of this evaluation.

SEO is subject to change, just like it happens to other aspects of the tech industry. The strategies that were once reliable in securing quick search engine results ended up failing after a short while. Same applied to the practices that were very popular in the industry.

The Google search engine, which is the medium of the SEO, is also subject to the process of change. The technology used by SEOers is also affected by the same change. Our awareness of these changes makes it necessary for us to be alert on the essentials of optimizing a search.

The transitional aspects of SEO

Some of the digital trends that dominated SEO in 2017 include Google accelerated mobile pages (Google AMP), HTTPS, SEO backlinks, 301 redirects, voice search, user intent, and more snippets. These and other new trends are what SEO Companies are capitalizing on in order to achieve top website ranking. Some of these trends are expected to be maintained in 2018 whereas others will be dropped. 2018 will definitely have its share of new trends. Going forward, SEOers have an option of discarding all the 2017 digital trends and starting afresh or picking up from the success and building on to new innovations. A forecast of the trends to be expected in 2018 is as follows:

  1. An addition of Search Engine Results Page features

SEO experts aim to drive more and more traffic to a website. This enables them to rank high on a search engine results page (SERP). Search engine list may no longer be as effective as it used to be in achieving the top rank. For them to achieve and maintain the highest rank, keyword and key phrase may still be useful, but they need to consider some of the most popular SERP features such as Adwords (both Bottom and Top), Featured Snippet, Image Pack, News Box, Knowledge Card, In-depth Article, among several others. In order to rank and track the ranking, SEO tools such as Rank Tracker can be used.

  1. A carefully structured Rich Snippet

The manner of structuring the data in Rich Snippets is significant in how search engines will display information. It has been found that search results with well structured Rich Snippets receive more clicks and have a higher pay per click. This increases potential earnings. A SEO check at Schema.org reveals a well structured Rich Snippet with a step-by-step data structure guide.

  1. Page loading speed

Speed is a factor in being competitive. While accessing SEO services, people would want to click on a website and get results instantly. A slow page loading speed affects the level of website traffic and thus makes it less competitive. Page loading speed is a feature of website optimization that will remain significant in 2018 and further into the future. Google recommends a page loading speed of 3 seconds or less.

  1. Better page relevance and comprehensiveness

Google is always striving to provide users with the best web browsing experience. It searches for sites that enable users access content that is most relevant to their interests. In assessing the relevance of a website’s content, Google may use Latent Semantic Indexing. Using the same technique, Google is also able to determine whether the content is comprehensive and flowing well. As a SEO Company, you can make your content more relevant and comprehensive in 2018 by making use of some of the free SEO tools available for trial with different website auditors.

  1. Greater emphasis on voice search

Consumers have come to prefer speaking over typing. This is because it is faster and more detailed. Consumers have also resorted to using voice recognition software for them to better understand their normal speech. Due to the more detailed search queries, there is need to go beyond key word and phrases to rank and focus more on the spoken terms and phrases.

  1. An inclination towards mobile devices

Web browsing is inclining towards the use of Smartphones and other mobile devices. The search engines and users now require mobile friendly websites. Mobile friendliness is the new search ranking factor. This is something worth thinking about carefully in 2018 because new mobile devices with different voice search functions hit the market every now and then.

  1. The development of “Linkless” Backlinks

Backlinks have been the backbone of SEO for a long time. It has been the major metric for ranking of a webpage. At some point the use of backlinks was abused. In order to curb this abuse, Google came up with the Penguin algorithm in 2012. This is what triggered the practice of websites getting links from more ethical and reputable outside sources. It is now possible for search engines to associate mention of brands, institutions, organizations, and people without linking to their respective webpages (Linkless practices).

  1. Continued personalization of SERPs

Search engines have resorted to user information such as interests, browsing history and location to personalize search results list. Users have to make sure that their traffic data is accurate and they also have to test the ranking of the webpage for unbiased results. This enhances the chances of dominating the user’s SERPs in the future.

2018 SEO strategies

It is clear that several SEO strategies are lined up for 2018. SEO Companies intend to use these strategies to push their ranking competitiveness to the next level. The SEOers are exploring among other things the use of free SEO tools as well as enhancing their online marketing. All these efforts are geared towards a new revelation on “what is SEO?” in 2018.

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