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Professional Blogging vs. Hobby


Professional Blogging vs. Hobby

By Content Writing

With millions and millions of blogs being produced online, blogging is not just a sheer hobby but is a huge business these days. Many people who initially started as a hobby blogger have now chosen blogging as their professional careers. Well, the reason is quite apparent! It’s of course, its huge market value and good earning prospects. But the job is not easy as it may seem because the characteristics of a successful blogger ultimately boils down to his/her ability to create interesting and forceful content and to be able to create a dialogue between the readers and the writer. The success of a blogger is directly proportional to the smart, flexible and engaging content he/she creates to arise the readers’ interests.

A hobby blogger is someone who simply writes to give vent to his/her creative ingenuity and as there are no predefined rules or domain so he/she can write about anything and everything. What is a point of concern for a hobby blogger is the number of page views and hits the bog post receives. Professional bloggers on the contrary adopt a more strategic approach and choose commercial topics, such as marketing, health, finance, education, fashion, etc. for writing blogs because advertisers who roll out millions of dollars every month on promotion prefer these commercial niches only. In order to confirm the commercial worth of any topic, a professional blogger uses SEMRUSH or the keyword planner tool of Google to assess the Cost Per Click (CPC) of the topic he/she chooses to write on whereas a hobby blogger chooses to write blogs to speak their mind and share his/her thoughts, ideas, philosophies and also to vehemently address various social issues.

So if you’re looking to make blogging your living and not just a sheer hobby, then you need to take up a more serious approach and consider it as a professional business. If you’re already a blogger we assume that you already have a firm grip over the language and it’s the sound knowledge of SEO basics, web analytics, social media, photo editing, and video creation is what will set you apart from any other blogger.

In order to ensure the global reach of your blog posts and carve a niche for yourself in the field of professional blogging, it is vital to build readers’ personas and to raise a few important questions mentioned below briefly:

What demographic you’re targeting?

What all are the problems faced by the members of the targeted demographic?

Are you using the apt language in your blogs which your target audience can well relate with?

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