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Is Facebook Losing its Core Objective to Advertising!


Is Facebook Losing its Core Objective to Advertising!

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Despite an initial rock solid public offering, the web giant Facebook is showing greater inclination towards ads generation and profit building, thus exposing itself to such new yet grave challenges as preserving the users, especially the younger users’ interests and widening its scale of advertisement without creating a sense of estrangement amongst the customers. In the face of the growing need of digital marketing, Facebook has become a much sought after ad property for marketers.It has been observed that during the third quarter of last year, the overall impression of ads was up by 16 percent leading to growth in the revenue which was up 66 percent from its preceding year.

However, these influential numbers cannot obscure the fact that the growing ads are creating an ever widening chasm between the users and this social media tool which is getting reflected in the falling numbers of the daily users, not to mention, the teenagers. As the future growth of Facebook rests in the hands of teens, it is, therefore, an alarming situation where Facebook needs to find more powerful ways to keep the users’ attention intact beyond News Feed ads. This web giant is now thinking to come up with new services to keep the youth engagement going because it has sensed the growing discontentment among the youth and there is a lurking fear that they may drift down to new places where there is no hindrance to their free flow of thoughts.

But more than a platform for people’s engagement and addressing the global concerns we see that Facebook is losing its core objectives to advertising. Sheryl Sandberg, its chief executing officer mentioned in the company’s earning conference that Facebook is looking forward to invest more in order to make ads purchase easier for the marketers by aligning its strategies with their chief objectives. Now, it is quite evident that Facebook has now become a major key player in the selling of ads and there is likely to be a situation of great unrest as both Facebook and other internet giant Twitter are wooing customers for ad selling and the place is converted into a huge battleground.

After taking cue from the feedbacks and comments from people, it can be concluded that other than building an ad campaigning if Facebook being a social infrastructure could come up with other services, such as designing tools for human resource recruitment and to develop dating platforms, then it would be able to create more value for the users.

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