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Is Content Development Over Hyped


Is Content Development Over Hyped

Content Writing

If you’re not using content to enhance capabilities of your business by generating leads and directing traffic to your website/page, then you’re losing out on a bigger market than you realize.

The scale of your business doesn’t matter, what matters is how you use fresh and unique content to give your customers what they need and this is where some businesses lose out as they don’t recognize what the customer needs and therefore they misuse content, rendering the whole effort useless. Thus, it defeats the whole process of marketing through content, which in turn, leads people to believe that it’s just a hype they were drawn to and not something substantial.

Nothing can be farther from the truth, there are companies in every sector that successfully exercise the method and use content to direct customers, generate leads and attract customers through blogs and social media interaction.

Most importantly, judicious content production can land your website on the first page of search engines, providing your business a platform to reach millions of viewers. It involves the correct usage of SEO by following Google’s latest panda guidelines. Millions of people search for different things every day, so your content should be unique and fresh. Plagiarism or generic content will never land your website on the first page. This is exactly where fresh content can help you massively.

Jet Airways, one of the biggest Indian airlines uses twitter efficiently to interact with its followers and answer their queries. This creates a connection between the brand and the user, and if there’s one thing you want to achieve through advertising, it’s the public feeling connected to the brand.

Online blogs also go a great way in enhancing your brand by giving it more depth and appeal. Blogs can talk about anything you want. More often than not, they are related to your brand one way or the other. The underlying message seems to coincide with the vision of the company – carving a sort of identity for your brand.

Huge online retailers like Myntra hosts fashion blogs to attract customers who might not necessarily know about Myntra, but get directed to the website through the blog. It also gives something to the reader to sink their teeth into. They spend more time on your website reading and browsing what you have to offer - a win-win situation for both customer and retailer.

Content, if used correctly, can bear good results. The number of hits on a certain page is also measurable. This provides it with the sense of credibility it needs. Every blog post and status update on Facebook can be shared to people online. So your content not only reaches the desired population, but also to their friends and family, giving your brand more publicity.

If you haven’t started harnessing the power of content yet, then you should jump on the bandwagon soon as it is crucial that your business has an online presence today. Fresh content can help you carve your online identity, so don’t miss out.

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