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How to Get Maximum score on Google Page Speed?


How to Get Maximum score on Google Page Speed?

Search Engine Strategy

Have you developed a business website by adding attractive images, videos, quality content? Do you spend many hours to promote your website on social media or through other ways? Are you testing each and every module of your website? It’s ok. All are done. But at here, have you checked your website is loading at a fast speed or not? To optimize a website, designing eye-catching website and adding quality content is not enough. You have to check how much time a website loading speed takes.

Why fast loading speed?

Speed has become an essential factor when it relates to building a conversation rate and search engine optimized website. Users only like to visit a website that has fast loading speed. If your website/blog has designed with such module then you will never get visitors to your website. Or else you can’t get potential clients. Getting fast speed on Google search engine is not a simple task. You have to check why your website is not loading properly on Google.

What are the main issues at a slow speed?

Website code has not written properly at the time of development process. Problems may come in adding optimized images, videos and or other big page elements. Know about the major causes with the help of a professional web developer as soon as possible. Otherwise, Google will not give priority to your website. If you get the maximum score on Google page speed then the speed of your website is fast.

Bounce Rate

Websites those are loading at a fast speed using insight tool Google gives special services to these websites. In addition to, this search engines helps business owners to decrease the bounce rate of their websites. The bounce rate totally depends upon the site loading. If the loading speed of your website will be fast then it makes sure that bounce rate will be lower.

As you know high loading speed website can easily get #1 ranking on Google search engine as compared to those websites that are loading at a slow speed. Slow speed website always gets high bounce rate. If in case your website again occurs with slow speed problem then you can get the help of Google Page Speed tool. This is free of cost. In addition to, it tells the main problems of slow speed and how you can easily fix them.

Why do you need to think about loading speed?

Website’s page speed is a vital factor when it relates to getting high ranking on Google search engine. If websites get the maximum score on Google page speed then you can get the chancing of showcase your website on top 10 Google search results. Thousands of users only like to visit those who have shown on the first page of search engine. All the websites which are shown on the first page are measured by Google page speed score as well. They don’t like to click on the second page.

Why a user doesn’t visit the second page of Google?

There may be several causes but the major reason is that numerous people consider that they can’t get relevant information on second page’s websites. In addition to, no quality content has been added to these websites. Hey, this article has not written on why visitors don’t visit second but it focuses how you can easily increase the speed of a website with the use of Google page speed insights tool.

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