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How to Build an Audience on Your Blog


How to Build an Audience on Your Blog

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The ultimate hope of every blogger is to impress readers visiting their blog. There is no guarantee that content published in a blog will pool an audience. Failing to get an audience can be a frustrating experience because a lot of effort is invested in the content. Content often get rejected or it may receive very little traffic. Ordinarily, for content to be competitive enough, it should be at least 2,000 words, include many images, have the right keywords, have a captivating headline, and be free from grammatical errors. That might appear to be a high threshold to meet. However, there are online tools that can be used to generate traffic and leads for your blog. These tools are often free of charge and some of which are as follows:

1.      Buzzsumo

This tool can be used to view competitors’ best performing pages so that you can do yours in a similar way. It can also check for you the performance of your own blog posts and this can enable you to capitalise on your own success. The tool measures content in terms of social media shares. So it is mostly useful to those who use the social media. You can use Buzzsumo mainly in the idealisation stage of your blog posts to identify the content that has the highest probability of attracting audience.

2.      Grammarly

Grammar errors are among the most serious and annoying writing mistakes. Grammarly can help you point out wrong spelling and grammatical errors. The tool can also suggest how they can be corrected. A free online version of this tool is available. So you don’t have to worry about the cost. Once those grammar issues are sorted out, your audience will develop greater confidence in your blog.

3.      Readability Test Tool

This tool can help you make your writing easy for people to understand. It calculates the readability of your content and indicates for you its grade reading level. If the tool places your content at the 7th or 8th grade reading level, then it is easy to read and understand. Otherwise, your readers will exit your page shortly after accessing it. You may have to review your content with the aim of simplifying it. This improves your chance of boosting your blog traffic and reduces loss of your audience.

4.      SmartBlogger Headline Hacks

This is yet another valuable resource that can help you frame a compelling, clear, and click-worthy headline. It gives you free headline templates which you can use anytime you please. You don’t have to crack your head and also spend a lot of time trying to think for a suitable headline for your content when you have this tool at your disposal. You can easily download this resource free of charge. It also saves you the time and effort of doing keyword analytics in order to find the best headlines.

5.      Focus Booster

As the name suggests, this tool will boost your focus to write. Otherwise, writers are fond of taking more breaks than necessary, talk a lot, getting bored or even struggle to start writing. This is definitely a let-down to your audience building efforts. It is an App that you can download and it allows you to schedule your writing and observe strict timelines. This tool enables you to avoid distraction and write with appreciable consistency. Eventually, you will be able to build an audience.

6.      Portent’s Content Idea Generator

This is a tool that can help you to quickly pick an idea for your blog content creation. You may not have to take ideas directly from it, but it is a wonderful resource for your inspiration on specific keyword phrases or topics. It will push you through a content writing slump and it enhances your writing speed. The more you achieve your content creation targets, the better your blog traffic.

7.      Thesaurus

Using the same words repeatedly can be annoying to your readers. This resource helps you to rise above the problem of unnecessary repetition. It can enable you to find alternative terms for words that you have already used in your content. So when your vocabulary fails you, Thesaurus becomes your saviour in writing content that your readers will enjoy. The more you appeal to your readers, the more the blog traffic.

8.      Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Making your audience feel emotional is one of the most effective marketing strategies. This tool helps you to know how emotionally charged your headline is. People are known to take action when they experience emotion. For your blog traffic to increase, people must click on your content. After all, you wrote the content for them to read. As a content writer, you therefore have to ensure that your title can arouse enough emotion to make the reader click. You will then find your audience building up.


Although the task of building an audience on your blog is gradual, the tools available can enable you to attract readers to your blog faster than it happened before. It is also important to note that there is no single SEO strategy for boosting an audience on your blog. Other potential strategies include use of back-links and guest blogging.


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