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Effective SEO Hacks Inside Google Analytics


Effective SEO Hacks Inside Google Analytics

Search Engine Strategy

When Google launched Google analytics in November 2005, there was a big sigh of relieve because people knew they got a valuable web analytics service that would boost their website traffic. When Google analytics changed its SEO strategy by stripping away valuable keyword data, people thought that it would lose its value due to the change. 
Surprisingly, Google analytics is still one of the most relied upon SEO tools. It can give you large amounts of useful data in a matter of minutes. You can study the data to understand how to optimise your website for better search traffic. However, there are SEO hacks within Google analytics that can effectively help you to understand where to check and point at particular reports to run. A brief evaluation of the SEO hacks is as follows:

1. You can set up a custom alert or a custom SEO dashboard

You can have a Google alert set up in your Google analytics to enable you take appropriate action in case of a sudden change in your analytics report. For instance, if you get a large decrease in search traffic that possibly come out of left field, you can do an alert that analyzes the changes.
Alternatively, you can create or import a custom SEO dashboard. This will give you a brief overview of vital SEO data all in one place. This option can save you a lot of time when you are analysing many different SEO reports. You can have everything in one place and you don’t waste time searching and analysing information.

2. You can make your under performing pages rank higher

Instead of creating new content for purposes of improving your SEO results, you can improve your old under performing content. For you to get the best results focus on the low-hanging fruit.Once you see all of your low-hanging fruit in one place, you will find a bunch of impressions which imply that most of the traffic could be yours. To optimise the under performing pages, you need to take such steps as improving your URL structure and implementing the “skyscraper Technique.”

3. You can increase opportunities by monitoring referral traffic

When you already have referral traffic to your site, it is advisable to monitor links because they are useful in link-building opportunities. Consider asking those who make links to your blog posts to do an additional link to your product page or to add your link to a round up post for you to get more referral traffic.
Other opportunities include asking those other authors if you can do guest posts on each other’s blog, or run a cross-promotion, or give them a discount for their readers on your products. The referral traffic can help you build lasting relationships.

4. You can use annotations to check what is working and what is not

Google analytics can give you annotations free of charge.Your clients will effortlessly log into Google analytics and check the annotations. They will not need to send messages when they have questions. This saves time. The annotations will also leave a paper trail that will show you what works for SEO and what it doesn’t. They can also help you to check the changes that you made to a page and the resulting impact on traffic.

5. You can funnel traffic over to top converting pages

SEO aims at getting people to convert. This can be achieved by sending them to pages that are already converting. However the top converting pages may not be easy to figure out. With clever links or restricted pages, you can force the people who are already converting on your site to flow through it. The trick is to send as many people as possible to the landing pages and the pages that sent people to them to convert.

6. You can repair leaking pages to better match search intent

Some of your high-ranking pages are good in bringing in search traffic, but they may be bad at turning visitors into leads. The aim of this hack is to look at the best performing pages exclusively from Google. When you sort results by views, you will be able to see the true “bounce rate” and “% exit.” The pages that have a high bounce rate and a high % exit are the ones that are worrying. The implication is that the content on the page does not match with the search intent. You will then need to run some tests, make some changes, and strive to optimise and improve the pages.

7. You can create a profile filter to find additional keywords

When you want to determine how your website is performing for certain keywords in search, you can use the queries report in Google analytics. However, so many queries are grouped together so that keywords analytics becomes difficult. There is no single way of finding additional keywords in Google analytics, but a profile filter can help you find more information. They can tell Google analytics to use a filter in searching a term that align with the additional keywords.

8. You can increase engagement by analysing landing page reports

An analysis of organic landing pages can help you find out if there are any issues that prevent users from navigating to other pages. You will need to find and analyse an organic landing pages report for you to get a clear map of how your visitors are engaging with your website. Since engagement signals are considered in Google’s ranking factors, it is important to take care of the engagements so as to increase search engine rankings.

Despite the dynamics associated with Google analytics, its value has remained intact and it is likely to be so long into the future. It is one of the top rated SEO tools that provide valuable data and insights for improving website ranking performance. However, other marketing strategies can be explored in order to boost the flow of traffic into your website.

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