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Choosing Your Social Media Option Carefully


Choosing Your Social Media Option Carefully

By Social Media Strategy

While planning the social media campaign for your brand, one has to be highly judicious of the media platform they are going to choose. The most favored options are clearly Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more recently, YouTube.

There are three things I’d consider before finalizing my media strategy –

Reach and frequency – Your brand needs to reach the right people and thereafter, maintain its presence in the customer’s mind when it is on the screen. Both small and large scale businesses need to strike a chord with the customer. Facebook, twitter and YouTube provide you the best options for this.

Facebook and twitter both allow businesses to create their own page and promote them at times they prefer. You can update the page with statuses/tweets to reach the customers that like/follow your page, or you can pay for featured promotion according to your preference.

YouTube with its nifty little feature of showing ads to customers before videos that start buffering is also a viable option to reach out to the customers. Now, it goes without saying, Facebook experiences the highest amount of traffic, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the information-oriented method of twitter or the visual attraction of YouTube ads.

Audience targeting – Now this is crucial to social media marketing. Different demographics visit the internet at different times and for different purposes. .

Facebook is the one of the most viable options if you want to fine-tune with the audience when your ads appear. Facebook analyses the information its users provide to it, and show them the ads they’ll be most interested in.

Twitter, on the other hand, is more information oriented and even though you can tinker and target audiences according to interests, the most important thing when advertising on Twitter is your content. It needs to be riveting and should successfully direct users to your website.

YouTube introduced ads a few years back and everybody jumped on the bandwagon proving its effectiveness. The content is more eye-catching- some might say annoying depending on how patient one is – but if done right, it can generate a lot of interest around the product. YouTube provides people options to advertise according to gender, age, interests and location.

Advertising performance – There’s plenty of research to be done before you hastily certify the effectiveness of one platform just because it worked for somebody else. One needs to look into the latest strategies out in the wild – shock marketing, sponsored posts, sponsored tweets and mobile application ads are commonplace these days. Make sure your content is fresh and unique. Research what posts go viral, what pages get the most views and why? Which twitter accounts generate the most replies and re-tweets? Make sure the content is fresh and talks to the customer.

You also need a marketing professional who specializes in Social media marketing and can handle multiple accounts on different platforms. He needs to stay updated with the latest news surrounding the product and even the world as these days more and more brands try to be a part of the conversation to attract more customers to the product.

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