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6 White Hat SEO Strategies You can Learn from Black Hat SEOs


6 White Hat SEO Strategies You can Learn from Black Hat SEOs

Search Engine Strategy

Black hat SEO is about focusing strategy, technique, and tactic only on search engines as opposed to human beings and with disregard for SEO guidelines. White hat SEO on the other hand focuses on the human audience and observes search engine guidelines.Whitehat and black hat SEO strategies are somehow similar. Both aim at claiming a piece of the search engine traffic cake. However, there is some concern about their ethical behavior.
 The following six variables bear lessons that the white hat SEOs can learn from the black hat SEOs.

1.    Backlinks and PBNs

Backlinks are the basic indicators that Google use to rank websites in different pages. The more the backlinks on a page, the better are the chances of that page to rank on Google. Black hat SEOs have leveraged the strategy of gaining backlinks to web pages. It uses Private Blog Networks (PBNs) to generate the backlinks. Although this approach works, it is not entirely acceptable to Google because it has an element of dishonesty. It only works as long as it is not detected.
The white hat SEOs on the other hand uses honest testimonials, guest blogging, and mutual partnerships to attain the backlinks. Other honest tactics of building backlinks include pitching other publications, including your name on third party directories, and creating and sharing valuable content. The white hat SEO strategists therefore do not face the risk of Google demoting their sites from rankings.

2.    Keyword research and stuffing

SEO has mainly depended on keyword research.This is known to be a powerful tool for purposes of Google ranking. Black hat SEOs understand this very well and they have used it for long. However, they have been found to practice keyword stuffing. This is against Google policy guidelines. This practice makes the content difficult to read and Google would penalize it immediately on discovering it. Google prefers quality content over the keywords. 
For the white hat SEOs, the solution to the problem of keyword stuffing is in the use of the right keywords identified with the aid of keyword tool. Once the right keywords are identified, pick a few and sprinkle the strategically on the page. Use just enough of the keywords for Google to understand what your content is about.

3.    Content creation and automation

It may appear really wonderful to have a robot write and publish content for you. Given the right instructions, robots can come up with content that ranks very well in Google SERP. They can do it faster than human beings although the content would not be helpful. This has been the practice of Black SEOs, but now, this no longer works. Google had to find a way of defeating this particular black hat SEO strategy.
As a white hat SEO strategist, you can take time and apply your creativity to develop honest, insightful and helpful content consistently. This would enable you to direct a lot more traffic, leads, and conversations to your website without getting into any problem with Google.

4.    Internal linking and the Wikipedia page

As a SEO strategist, do your best to make Google understand your content and where it should place it in the SERP. Internal linking is one way of achieving this. This means you link different pages on your website to enable Google understand the information contained in each page. You can do this better with a pillar page. This is a page on your website that has detailed information on a particular topic.
Black hat SEOs also use this strategy. The only problem is that they stuff the internal links into their content. They end up with what looks like a Wikipedia page. To keep safe, you can include two or more internal links in each piece of content. After which, you can rely on the pillar pages to further organize your content. This helps Google understand your website and you can rank better without appearing to be too ambitious on a poorly performing Wikipedia page.

5.    Your brand name

Marketers have different reasons for choosing a brand name. While white hat SEOs prefer a brand name they like, or one that sounds well or sends some message, the black hat SEOs on the other hand, would pick a name that will help them rank better in Google. If you will have to change your brand name for better SEO performance, then it is not a lot of sacrifice to make for an automatic rise in traffic.

6.    Tiered link building

When black hat SEOs learned that Google attributed domain authority to pages that had good quality backlinks, they tailored their strategy to improve the quality of their backlinks. A strategy called “tiered link building” did the trick. The strategy makes Google to award an additional ranking authority every time someone links to your website. Eventually, SEOs would enhance the authority of the referencing page and the referencing website. It is a unique way of strengthening your ranking signals.
White hat SEOs use the same strategy but with a slight difference. They use second-tier link building. These are links that move from one page to another with a backlink to the website. The second-tier links can be generated by posting on social media and guest blogging. This is a black hat strategy that turned white hat, and which can be used to build domain authority.

The ultimate objective of all SEO marketing strategies is to position their content most competitively on Google SERP. Strategists vary in their focus to achieve this objective. As some depend on keywords analytics, others focus their efforts on Google listing in Get My Business on Google. As for the black hat SEOs and the white hat SEOs, their approach to building their domain authorities differ in terms of their honesty. Otherwise, their strategies are the same. So, for them, the issue is more about their ethical behavior than the way it is about ranking.

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