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5 Useful New Features You Can Use with the new Gmail Redesign


5 Useful New Features You Can Use with the new Gmail Redesign

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The new Gmail is here.

Well, technically, it’s a redesign from the house of Google, but the newer Gmail for Web has been overhauled majorly by the search engine giant in 2018. Thanks to a slew of new features and design enhancements, one of the most preferred email clients (with 1.4 billion users) across the world is now ready for its 2.0 avatar. The intent behind Google’s redesign is focussed to make the experience smoother, intuitive and safer than before.

Along with an all new design language, here are 5 new features you can use with the new Gmail redesign –


#1 Smart Reply

The new Gmail redesign brings a unique feature called ‘Smart Reply’ which is basically based on Google’s machine learning capabilities. For users who get tons of emails daily and don’t want to manually type in their response to each one of them, the new Gmail will suggest automatic responses based on the context of the email.

For example – If someone from your organization or professional network sends you an attachment to work with, the new Gmail will automatically suggest you three responses to choose from and reply to an email.

That means you no longer need to type in a response every single time. Simply let the new Gmail do its job and help you save time and effort.



#2 Snooze/High Priority Notifications

Just like every person, not every email demands your attention or time. To help you maintain productivity and get less distracted with emails, Google has introduced the ‘snooze’ feature in Gmail 2.0 that will automatically postpone the email as per your preference in future. This will not only help you stay productive but will also make sure you don’t miss out on replying to important emails.

By setting up quick reminders next to incoming emails, you can easily stay on top of your email game and get the most out of Gmail. If you forget to set reminders, Gmail 2.0 will automatically try to use its AI capabilities to decide whether an email is important for you or not. Furthermore, Google has thrown in ‘High Priority’ notifications as a feature that will only alert you for email notifications that Gmail thinks are most valuable to you.



#3 Quick Actions

Another aspect where the new Gmail redesign will make your life easier, is ‘Quick Actions’ – it lets you automatically perform basic actions like delete, archive, mark as read, see email details and snooze without opening the email for doing the same. All you need to do is to hover over the email and do the magic without manually opening an email everytime. Quick actions in Gmail will definitely help you manage most of the redundant and repetitive tasks with lesser steps.



#4 Confidential Mode

The internet is a security mess and thanks to the ever rising incidents of privacy breach, it becomes  a worry for any user who is concerned about securing their conversations. To help you achieve granular control over how long your email messages should exist on Google’s servers, the new Gmail lets you set an expiration date to an email (after which the email will be automatically deleted from the servers)

Additionally, using the new Integrated Rights Management (IRM) feature you can also decide whether recipients can forward/respond/download/print/copy the content of an email or not.  This is perfect for sharing stuff that you want to have maximum control over.



#5 Smart Panel

The right sidebar in the new Gmail redesign includes more than just cosmetic changes, it brings a useful little panel for you with all the Google Suite apps like – Google Drive, Google Calendar and Google Keep built right in and ready for use. Whether you want to check out your daily schedule or simply jot down stuff before you forget it, the new smart panel in Gmail is all about convenience, utility and seamless integration between Google’s vast repository of apps and tools.


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Bonus Feature: Offline Mode

Internet is everywhere but Google thinks that the lack of it shouldn’t force you from staying productive with the new Gmail. Enter the new ‘Offline Mode’ that lets you compose, search, respond and delete emails while offline. Although you can only store upto 90 days of email using the new offline mode in Gmail, this is one useful feature that you won’t mind having if the situation calls for it.

All in all, the new Gmail for web looks powerful, promising and progressive than ever.

Thanks to an amazing set of useful features, a beautiful material design theme and a more private approach to emailing, Google is ready to roll out the new Gmail to users across the world. Along with the desktop version, the new Gmail will also be available for mobile users on Android and iOS.

Whether you are using Gmail for personal communication or for business, Google’s new answer to email will be a great way to organize your emails and get more out of your inbox.

To learn more about the new Gmail, check out Google’s official blog here.

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