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5 Simple Ways to Master SEO(And Increase Your Website Ranking)


5 Simple Ways to Master SEO(And Increase Your Website Ranking)

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“How to improve your search rankings?

“How to increase the rank of your website on search engines?”

So, you have created your website, have a business plan ready and cannot wait to bring people to your address on the world of internet.

Here’s the problem – With innumerous websites on the web, how do I make my website rank higher in the search rankings?

If you share the same question and seek answers to the etymology of the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization), read to the end of this article to know 5 easy ways to boost your website’s SEO!

Simply put, SEO refers to the process of optimizing the content on your website, or so to speak, improve the relevancy of keywords on your web pages related to the search terms used by users on the internet.

If you haven’t asked already, let us tell you why that matters?

Keywords are search terms which are fed into the search box by users who are looking for a specific information, product, service, solution, answer or are simply spending their time online.

Basically, search engines like – Google, Bing and Yahoo work on algorithms to understand and improve how people search for and how to present them with the most relevant and useful information in the shortest time. Of course, search engines prefer websites that are user friendly, have quality content and are efficient in helping visitors achieve their purpose quickly.

So, if visitors spend more time on your website, it automatically leads to higher search rankings and overall better SEO. Thus,SEO is the process of optimizing your website content to ensure the right keywords are there when the search engine crawlers come looking for it. After all, no one likes to read irrelevant stuff that is not useful to them.

In layman terms, the more the relevant keywords on your website, the better are the chances of your website appearing higher in the search rankings when a user on the internet search for a same keyword.

It’s all about speaking the search engine language to achieve better website ranking.

Good News - There are alternative ways to boost your website’s SEO in lieu with the latest trends and updates in the search algorithms.

Bad News – These ways cost you money. (Read: Inorganic)

Don’t start thinking about your finances yet, because there are 5 easy (and free) ways to optimize your website and make it stand out from the huge competition online.

Without further ado, here are 5 key elements to improve your SEO game and rank better!

#1 –Content is King

Exactly. If you don’t have what users want, why would they even want to visit your website? Search engines particularly pay attention to how much time users spend on a website (Dwell Time) and based on the results, rank websites higher or lower. So, start by putting relevant content which is helpful for your users and adds value to the experience. You can start by learning more about your target audience and the type of topics relevant to them.

#2 – Experience Matters

How do you feel while navigating through a slow website? Do you like to click on links that don’t guide you anywhere on the internet? Even search engines don’t like inconsistent, slow to load and erroneous web pages on the internet. In the end, it’s about user experience and if your website lacks a smooth, intuitive and responsive feel, your SEO will automatically take a hit. Thus, start looking for broken links, unoptimized web pages, page load stats and duplicate content and get rid of redundancy and inconsistency.

#3 –Tell a Story

With a plethora of information available on the internet, what sets your content apart from the rest? The best way to do that is to add images, relevant links and appealing content on the latest and most popular topics. It is all about investing time in your content strategy and monitoring the trends and developments to stay on top. Think from a user perspective and combine focussed content, alt text and metadata to add personality to your website.

#4 –Get Social

An essential part of boosting your website SEO is achieved through high quality link building and social media sites are a great way of doing that. By building links with your social channels, you will rank higher in search engines as well as bring traffic to your website. Additionally, social media pages with a large number of quality followers also rank better in searches on the internet. (Talk about killing three birds with one arrow!)

#5 – Start Structuring – Give the right title and definition to every single page of your website to ensure search engine algorithms understand your website better and ranks it higher. From naming your site sections and subsections to picking up short and clean titles for your webpages, you must carefully work out the structure of your website as it allows both users and search engine algorithms to find content easily, thereby increasing the SEO of your website significantly.

So, there you have it – 5 simple, easy to follow tips and tricks to get you started on creating or updating your website to be SEO friendly and rich with relevant, focussed content that ranks higher in search engine rankings. Of course, there are numerous aspects of SEO but they are beyond the scope of this article – we only wanted to share the most simple and effective strategies to improve your website’s SEO.

The crux is – never forget your users and think from their experience to ensure your website is clear, relevant and useful to visit. As discussed earlier, the higher the dwell time, the better are your search engine rankings. Ultimately, it is all about experience, both for visitors and search engines!

Want more SEO tips in your mailbox? We help businesses plan better and achieve goals! Reach out to us to know how to grow your business online!

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