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5 Must Use SEO Tools to Rank Higher


5 Must Use SEO Tools to Rank Higher

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Want to market your business better? Wondering how to rank higher on search engines?

If you are looking for the best SEO tools, this is where it’s at. We share the top 5 SEO tools for 2017 which will help you improve your digital marketing activities and rank higher than competition.

Without much further ado, here are the 5 must have SEO tools which you can put to effective use –

1. Google Tools

The king of search also has some neat tools under its sleeve. Whether you want to track the traffic to your website or the overall performance of it, bookmark these tools to get more out of your SEO campaigns.

a) Google PageSpeed Insights: It is no surprise that Google hates web pages that load slowly. If you want to stay on top of search engine rankings, use this tool to get instant insights about your page speed, page load time and overall performance for both desktop and mobile platforms. You will also get user experience scores and a score between 0 to 100 to see if your webpages are in tune with common optimization practices.

b) Google Analytics: Know the type and source of website traffic with this amazingly useful and free SEO tool. On top of it, you get complete web insights, demographics, user interaction, alerts and error reports. This tool will equip you with the right tips and tricks to improve your website code and fix any bugs which might be eating into your traffic. Plus, you can also use this tool to improve your campaigns and increase traffic.

c) Google Keyword Planner: The ultimate tool used by brands for keyword research and optimization, Google Keyword Planner is built to help you grow your business by targeting the right keywords for SEO. It has been the base for most SEO campaigns due to its free availability and comprehensive information. If you are looking to spend on online ads, this tool will also help you choose competitive bids and budgets for your ad campaign.

d) Google Trends: The internet is a perennially changing and evolving space and this tool lets you be on top of the emerging trends in search engine optimization and marketing. A quick browse through will give you the search volumes for keywords and their potential rise or fall in interest over a period of time.


2. Open Site Explorer

One of the most advanced link-building and backlink research tools available today, Open Site Explorer by Moz will allow you to improve rankings and boost your search engine visibility with a comprehensive all-in-one SEO toolset. From basic to advanced, it offers a lot of analytical features such as –

a) Keyword Research

b) Organic Rank Insight

c) Ranking Monitor

d) Link Manager

e) Website Audit

f) AdWords Intelligence

You can use this for free under a 30 day trial period and even with a paid access, this is one of the must have SEO tool to check backlinks and boost your SEO activities.


3. Moz Local Listing Score

If you are a brand or a business wanting to gain extra edge in your local area or zip code, this tool will help you check and analyse your listings on local search engines and directories. This tool is utilized by tons of local stores and outlets who want to stand out on search engines and boost their business and visibility online. If you are wondering why local citations (listings) are important, think about the time when you used to sift through your local ‘Yellow Pages’ directory for any information. Get it? Now go and use this tool to make local work for your business.


4. SEMRush

With 5 billion searches happening daily, how do you ensure you have an edge over the competition? SEMRush is a perfect tool build for in-depth competition analysis and you can easily find your competitor’s keywords, backlinks, ad text and more. Plus, you can also discover your competitors’ positions and compare your SEO metrics with theirs. SEMRush is an invaluable keyword and competition research tool which will help you get valuable information to make your online campaigns better than ever.


5. ScreamingFrog

SEO is all about understanding, measuring and testing to rank higher on the web. An essential part of this to understand your website from the perspective of search engine crawlers and bots. That is precisely what ScreamingFrog does for you – it is a SEO audit tool and web crawler that allows you to crawl websites and get real-time insights. You can easily find broken links, server errors, analyse page titles and meta data, discover duplicate URLs and also review links blocked by search engine crawlers.


It is no surprise that SEO is a time-taking and tough job but with the right tools by your side, you can easily build a strong web presence and bring maximum results to boost your website traffic and ROI.

Have any other SEO tools to share? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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