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5 Free Business Tools from Google You Should Be Using in 2018


5 Free Business Tools from Google You Should Be Using in 2018

Marketing Strategy

If you think Google is just a search engine giant, think again!

Whether you want to run ads, improve your website traffic or build a solid SEO strategy, for every business goal and objective, there is a Google for Business tool to help you achieve it. Be it marketing, advertising or service selling, if your brand is online, it’s time to leverage the best of Google Business tools to take your online business to greater heights.

Let us take you on a brief tour of the best business tools to use in 2018, courtesy Google

#1 Google Trends

In the age of internet, trends come and go like a new day. What is relevant today could be totally outdated in few weeks, months or years! So, how does your business stays on top of trends in 2018?

Enter Google Trends.

You can use this awesome tool to search for latest ideas, themes and trends in your industry. The best part about this business tool is that is automatically updated according to Google’s search database and thus, you don’t have to worry about the authenticity or viability of a new trend. To further utilize this tool to your advantage, you can also sign up for Google Alerts – an automatic alert service giving you the latest updates and insights related to your industry

Once you put in your search term, you will be presented with related topics with data visualization and popular search keywords regarding that term. Talking of keywords, let’s move to the second must have free Google business tool below.


#2 Google Keyword Planner

Content is at the heart of every successful online marketing story and if you also want to make the most of good content for your business, Google Keyword Planner is an essential digital and content marketing resource to add to your arsenal of free business tools. Whether you are brainstorming new content ideas or researching the web for relevant search keywords, this is one of the best keyword research tools for free.

With the Keyword Planner, you can easily obtain the right keyword volume, trends and ideas to reach your audience with the right keyword strategy. If you’re aware of SEO, you must know that it requires the right content strategy to give results.

To give relevant content to your visitors and boost website traffic, it is important to first understand the power and scope of this free business tool.


#3 Google Search Console

Another fantastic (and free) resource to add to the long list of Google’s Digital Marketing tools, if you care about the search traffic and visibility of your business online, Google Search Console is a must. This tool will help you gain insights about what your audiences are searching for, how often they’re searching for and from where they’re searching for. In fact, more than 50% of advertisers are already using this tool to boost their website traffic and visibility online.

In addition, you can also learn about the internal linking and website traffic of your business website using the search console. This in turn, can help you create a perfect digital strategy for your brand.

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#4 Google My Business

Whether you are a local restaurant, service provider or a brand store, you can utilize the benefit of using Google My Business tool to create a free business listing and share your business address, telephone, business hours, customer reviews. The advantages of optimizing your business in accordance to Google is multi-fold –

a) Local businesses can easily claim and verify their services and offerings using this tool. This adds credibility to your name and also improves search engine visibility.

b) For people who are searching for similar services or products as yours, having a My Business listing will help visitors learn more about your business which will ultimately lead to more visitors and higher chances of conversions. 

That’s why this is one of the must have Google tools for small businesses.

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#5 Google Analytics

You cannot grow what you cannot measure. To ensure your online activities and efforts are yielding the right results; you must use the Google Analytics tool and gain insight into your website traffic. This free tool is super helpful for startups and small businesses that simply don’t have a huge marketing budget to opt for a custom analytics software.

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Whether you have your online marketing strategy planned out or not, Google Analytics will give you information about a lot of things including –

1. The source of your website traffic

2. The demographics of your website traffic

3. The behaviour, site usage and site content of your website traffic

4. The bounce rate, page views, new v/s old user ratio, session duration, goal completion

In short, this must have business tool will give you endless possibilities to ensure your audiences are reaching you the right way and you are utilizing the right metrics to drive leads, sales, conversions and customers for your business.

Bonus Tool – Google PageSpeed Insights

If you have a business website, chances are, you must be already spending a lot of time, effort and resources in promoting your website. All good, but have you ever given a thought to how responsive or optimized your website is? If not, the Google PageSpeed Insights tool will give you a reality check on the website loading time.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for some time, you must be aware that speed is a critical factor in search engine rankings. Google is known to favour web pages that load faster and give quality content in an optimized way. Plus, studies have proven that websites that load slowly have higher bounce rate because today a user will abandon a website if the loading time is more than 50 seconds!

Speeding up your website isn’t easy. If you’re new to this business tool, this definitive guide is what you need to get started.


This by no means is a definitive list of free business tools you must use. In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg as there are a handful of essential marketing tools to help you run and grow your business with ease. Whether you are measuring your progress or simply crafting an online marketing strategy from scratch, make friends with the best of Google’s business tools and get your business ready for success.


Have a thought to share? Let us know in the comments below! If you liked reading this article, please feel free to share it with people who’ll find it useful. 


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