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5 Essential Digital Marketing Tools You Will Need to Succeed


5 Essential Digital Marketing Tools You Will Need to Succeed

Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing is all about utilizing the various digital platforms and mediums to promote your professional startup, business or even personal profile. If you are a startup and want to make the most of your marketing budget, going digital will not only help you reach more people but with the right strategy, can get you the maximum ROI as well.

What’s interesting is the fact that Digital Marketing can really get your brand or startup noticed in no time, if your content goes viral and connects with millions of people!

Every company, brand, startup or organization today, relies on the power of Digital Marketing to connect and engage with their current or potential customers.

To make the most out of a plethora of digital platforms, social media, emails, tools, software, programs and applications, it is important to use the most optimized, efficient and reliable apps for your business.

Here are five ultimate tools for digital marketers and brands who need to stay connected and grow faster than ever!

#1. Social Tools

The world was never as connected as it is presently and that means digital marketers must always stay on top of latest stories, trending posts and everything which captures the interest of millions of people connected via social media. If your business or startup is ready to take the digital leap, make sure you are including the following apps in your marketing strategy –

a) Facebook

b) Twitter

c) Instagram

d) LinkedIN

e) Google+

f) Pinterest

With so many social networks to be a part of your daily digital marketing action plan, we must also recommend apps that will ease the management part for you. These apps take the hassles out of Social Media Management and are extremely handy for any business or startup –

a) Buffer: A perfectly simple and user-friendly tool for marketers and agencies to simplify social media sharing with its built-in features like – post scheduling, posting times, analytics and more.

b) Hootsuite: Manage all your social media accounts from one platform and save time with this app. Plus, you can also schedule posts and measure the performance of your content across social media.

#2. Content Creation Tools –

Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing strategies and moves and it is important to create the right content keeping in mind your audience, business and marketing strategy. Whether you are brainstorming topics for your blog or finding the right keywords, use these amazingly useful apps for content creation –

a) Google AdWords: If you want your content to rank higher on search engines, this app is a must-add to your list of ultimate apps for Digital Marketing. Google’s own tool to find the right keywords, search volume, SEO updates and many more features focussed on keywords research and analysis.

b) Blog Topic Generator: Running short of ideas while creating blogs and articles for your business? Use this amazing tool to generate topics related to a targeted idea or keyword and get inspired to create content that attract visitors and leverages your brand online.

c) Canva – If you are starting up and need a free-to-use content creation tool for designing posts, infographics and visual content, this is the best resource you can find online. A suitable alternative for Photoshop, Canva lets you create beautiful, visually appealing graphics easily.

d) Easel.ly – Want to share in-depth presentations, resume templates, infographics and reports for your business? Try this website for creating and sharing rich, professional-looking content ideas and connect better with your target audience.

#3. Analytical Tools

To measure your progress in the online world and understand the in-depth performance of your digital marketing strategy, there are tons of analytics tools available in the market. While some are paid, most of these tools are free and easy to use –

a) Google Analytics: In the world of analytics, it all starts with this tool. Ask any skilled marketer and they will tell you how critically important this tool is to their digital strategy. From tracking basic user information to understanding in-depth audience insights, website conversions, click-through ratio, impressions and many more advanced features.

b) Mixpanel – For brands and businesses that sell products online and need to deeply understand their user’s journey on a website/app. Mixpanel is an ultimate tool to follow the digital footprint of a visitor, perform A/B testing and behavioural analysis as well as improve acquisition flows to drive revenue.

c) Kred: An essential tool to measure your social standings and increase your brand influence across different channels. If you have a personal brand, this is a must-have tool to connect with other influencers and expand your network.

#4. Content Promotion Tools

Creating amazing content is only half the battle won, to drive visitor growth, get more leads and increase user engagement, you must also promote the content in a right way with the right tools to get more traffic to your website.

a) Open Site Explorer: To build inbound links to your website and create a cross-promotional funnel for your content, use this tool to promote your content effectively. You can also utilize this tool to research backlinks, discover damaged or broken links and access crucial SEO metrics for every page of your website.

b) BuzzSumo: Want to discover brands or digital influencers in your industry that are publishing content similar to yours? With BuzzSumo, you can easily snoop in on your competition and analyse what type of content works best for your brand. You can also connect with key influencers who can promote your content online and get more traffic to your website/app.

c) Sprout Social: A hybrid tool which allows you to publish your content across various platforms as well as lets you manage your social media accounts from one platform. You can also connect with agencies and quickly respond to conversations with your audience on different social media platforms with a unified inbox.

d) MailChimp – Email marketing is an ever-important aspect of a successful digital marketing strategy and you can use MailChimp to promote any type of content (newsletters, offers, updates) to your email list. With this tool, you can also analyse the subject line of your emails for better open rates.

e) Paid Tools - If you wish to dive deeper into the digital advertising world, you can easily target users based on their interests, likes, behaviour, gender and demographics with tools such as - Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIN Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads and more as per your advertising campaign, ad goal, ad budget etc.

This is it.

An ultimate list of free and highly useful tools to get your brand ready for a successful digital marketing strategy. If you think we missed out on your favourite app/tool, please care to share in the comment sections below!

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