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Who Are We?

We are thorough business consulting firm with capabilities to provide solutions to tough business problems and help businesses draw the maximum success in the areas of Business strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, IT & Software solutions, Web portal design, Marketing & Branding Imaging Strategies, Public Relations, to content management plans.

Business Consulting

Have an idea for your own venture? We can help you come with the best suited plan to make the business a success.

Market Research and Analytics

Helping you identify the target audience and understand the current market trends.

Web Software and Support

We make sure that your business is packaged and promoted to leave a lasting impact on your target audience.


BTS is a team of dedicated and professional enthusiasts who consistently strive to better their work through progressive thinking. The diligent and honest work of our expert team has helped us win accolades and trust of our clients. At BTS, we truly believe in the power of ideas that are later transformed into solutions required for resolving our clients’ business problems. Systematic approach is followed in order to meet the deadlines set by our esteemed clients without compromising on quality of work. This has motivated us expand our horizons and further aim higher.

We have made our presence felt in the field of business consulting, market research, data management, digital marketing and creative content development and our services extend to a wide range of industries like travel, education, health care, real estate, food and beverages and fashion, etc.

Our industry focussed pool of talent follows an engineered process of brainstorming, researching, creating, reviewing and delivering services to meet clients’ satisfaction. At BTS, we have adopted a transparent work culture to maintain healthy working environment for our employees. This has helped us grow exponentially and substantially within a short span of time.

At BTS, we are highly driven by customer value and passion for our work to help our clients carve a niche for themselves in this fiercely competitive world.


With immediate focus to become the leading firm providing Business Solutions to Small & Medium Enterprises, a segment which does not fully understand the power to internet and its benefits for their businesses.


Our vision is to simplify the technology and provide optimized products and services which our clients can understand and use to their advantage and ensure continual growth for them and in turn for us…..



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BTS is a team of professional, dedicated and passionate enthusiasts who strive to offer competitive, creative and class-leading business solutions and digital services through progressive thinking.

Be it brainstorming, strategizing, researching, creating or reviewing, we are driven by quality and consistency in our work across a diverse industry spectrum which includes - Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Business Consulting, Market Research and Software Development

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